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 Meeting Minutes

June 29, 2013



The meeting was opened up at 12:45 PM by President Mike Quartararo and he thanked all those attending for taking the time to participate.


Bob Redman read the minutes from the 2012 meeting.


Mike then took a few minutes to explain how important it is to get new people involved with the board and asked any additional nominations. 


Mike discussed snowplowing for the 2012-2013 year which was one of the heaviest snowfall periods in recent memory.  In some areas, the snowdrifts were almost six feet deep and were hard to plow.  We were able to clear all roads and only stopped plowing the upper part of Crawfish Vista and Bear Skull when the landowners got in touch with us to inform us that they would not be making any more visits to the ranch until spring or summer.  The snowplowing surveys that were returned to us were reviewed.  There were two negative replies, with the majority of the people responding positively to the plowing efforts. 

 Road maintenance was discussed and Mike let us know that 14 loads of gravel were put on ranch roads this year with much of the damage occurring during the spring thaw.   The worst areas have been taken care of, but it's a never ending battle.  Mike reminded us that the roads are now 13 to 14 years old and will require more periodic maintenance as time goes by.  Mike thanked Bob Strock (who was unable to attend this years meeting) for the great work he did in evaluating what needed to be done and coordinating the road maintenance efforts this year.


The Treasurers report was read and Mike paid special attention to the "Write Offs" section of the report.  He explained that the majority of write offs were due to fact that when TLC takes back (forecloses) a property, they (TLC) are not responsible (according to TCRHOA Covenants) to pay the current dues, liens, or back dues on that property.  We have had properties go back to TLC that have had liens as well as past dues attached to them that we have no hope of recovering so they must be written off. Although these write offs do not affect cash flow it is a permanent loss of income and all association members should be aware. It was also noted that dues collections this past year were right at 100% of budget with current assessments at approximately 92% and the collection of several past due amounts making up the remainder. This has been a big factor in keeping our annual assessment at the current rate.     


Mike explained that the legal fees for 2012-2013 were over budget primarily due to the costs of pursuing collection on severely past due accounts. We currently have one severely past due account which is moving toward a summary judgment for foreclosure and  commitment from another that wants to work out a payment plan.  


The budget for 2013-14 was presented with annual dues remaining at $145 for the current period.


Mike proposed a TCRHOA quarterly newsletter and asked about possible topics to be included.  Most members agreed that it would be nice to read about improvements or proposed improvements to the ranch.  Some members would like to know of any trouble on the ranch such as break-ins or vandalism on unoccupied cabins.  Mike brought up the fact that with more people moving up, we have more people looking out for each other.  Most agreed that any information on DNR cost sharing programs or workshops would be appreciated.  The first newsletter will be mailed to the membership with a form requesting input as to how they would like to receive the newsletter in the future.  Regular mail, e-mail or posting it on the web-site are some of the possibilities.  


The budget for the 2013-14 was voted on and passed.


The ballots for the Board of Directors vote were collected and counted. 


Fire safety and awareness was brought up.  We talked a bit about the rules for outside burning and it was noted that the burn ban would occur on  July 1 this year.  It means NO FIRES on DNR land Period.  Not even charcoal BBQ's.  With more people up here during the summer, our chances of spotting a fire and getting a quick jump on it's suppression are much better.  



The new board was announced.  The board members are Mike Quartararo, Floyd Cinnamon, Bob Wright, Robert Reynolds, Bob Redman, Jay Larsen, Benny Miller. 


The meeting was adjourned at 2:35PM.        



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