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Welcome  New Board Members
New Notices From the Board President

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the delay in getting this message out to you all. First and foremost I want to thank the outgoing members of the board for all of their combined years of service to Twin Creeks. I am grateful to have had you all in place. Your efforts and hard work is recognized by us all.

Now to welcome the new board members: Dick Douglas - VP; Jerry Quartararo - Treasurer; Gary Plews - Board Member; and Bob Strock - Board member.

Welcome to you all and thank you for joining the board.

Just a couple of quick updates - 

  • Jerry and I arranged to get a PO Box set up for all of our future mailings - $48.00 per year cost. Our address is now: TCRHOA PO Box 151, Riverside, WA 98849
  • Jerry and I also went to the Credit Union and arranged for the account to be transferred into our names, got the Change of Address incorporated and will be getting new check books shortly.
  • Jerry has had conversations with two of the three potential road builders to come up and prepare written bids on fixing our roads - John Wright, and Tollefson have expressed an interest and made appointments. Vaughn Range will be contacted again to see if he is interested in throwing his hat in the mix.
  • Weed spraying has been completed and the Mullens are on the retreat:)
  • Jerry will be meeting with Bob and Carol in the next couple of weeks to get the upcoming dues statements printed out prior to the end of August. At that time he will be schooled in Quickbooks and given all historic documents during the handover.

Again thanks to all of our former board members (and their spouses) for all that you have done.

Please feel free to stop in any time you are in the neighborhood.

My very best regards to you all.




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