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Hi everyone,

Weed spraying has now been moved forward to the week of June 27th. Again we will do our best to try and post the exact day once we get nearer the date.





About Photo above: 


Slavage loggin in progress on the Tunk Creek loggingunit in the NE corner of the Colville Reservation.

In the background, across the valley, is Tunk Mountain, now on the Okanogan National Forest.

Author Unknown. Source: Portland Area Office. Natural Resources. (1950 - ?)


2015 Annual Meeting Minutes are now posted Click on the Minutes Tab on the left to view . 


 The  Spirit Tree Lives !  we went up to our property at Lot 20-14 and looked at everything-- Looks like all the underbrush burnt, and the trees to about 4 to 6 feet or so, All the tops are still green so there is hope they will all live-- Attached is the spirit face my son caved in the tree-- Looks like he stood watch in the face of danger, now blackened by the fire-- Also one of the little bears we carved last year seemed to have made it-- After Fire




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